Wi-Fi solution for enterprises

Keep the network secure while offering easy access for guest Wi-Fi. Kloudyy delivers consistent users experiences and branding of the enterprises.  Allows employee to update the fields of captive portal. Kloudyy offer a secure and easy method to access for long-term and Bring-your-own-device service. Just  connects with the devices, enter all the details and cellular phone number in the captive portal. Employee will gets a one-time password via SMS, which can also be activated by a simple click on the embedded URL.

Captive portal is a business communication tool. With Kloudyy System,  anyone can make updates to the portal of the admin side which is provided. Those pictures that are defined as editable in the template can easily be changed. Let your local receptionist send a welcome message to an important visitor. Provide local information such as maps of the campus. You can make these changes all the way down to a local office area. And, even admin can generate the reports through t…

Restaurants and Cafe offering "Free Wi-Fi"

Previous years customers enter into a cafe and restaurants to spend the quality time and have a good quality tea or coffee. Today Cafe’s and Restaurants are more of a co-working space, hangout zone with friends and a business meeting point. Startup founders and youngsters today find these neighborhood cafes convenient and cost effective to use as an office or meeting point.

The most important factor  for all restaurants and cafe is offering "Free Wi-Fi". 72% of cafe or restaurant today offer's free WiFi. On the other side for a cafe owner providing free WiFi hotpot is a way to increase business but also a security risk and additional internet bandwidth cost with some additional marketing tools.

There are mandatory legal guidelines from government which should be fulfilled before opening up cafe WiFi for customers along with management issues to be taken care of because bandwidth is costly and if left un-managed restaurant staff will misuse it along with customers.


Increasing Value for Hotel Beyond the Connectivity of free Wi-Fi

Hotel Guests carry 2-3 devices when travelling. 63% of travelers consider free WiFi when booking a hotel property

Hoteliers benefited from paid Internet services for many years. Some of them, especially high-end hotel operators still offer premium package for a fee. However revenue generated from Guest Wi-Fi is longer justifies WiFi investment. “While free WiFi can be seen as a cost, it is commonly established that giving guests the freedom to select your hotel is made much easier when you advertise a free WiFi service” –
Hotel guests demand for free, secure and fast Wi-Fi. Majority of  hotel guests connect social network, watch videos on YouTube and use movie streaming apps.

 Wi-Fi Analytics for Hotels

In hotel, software provides basic WiFi connectivity with user friendly login form. They provide very limited reports about guest analytics.Using Guest WiFi solution you can create different customer segments and engage them through various marketing channels such as push…

An Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) framework

AAA provides a cohesive framework to control who can access a router, what services they can use on a router, and what they can do on a router. The following sections cover the functions of AAA, as well as how to enable it. AAA is controlling who has access to a device, controlling what people can do when they've been granted access, and tracking their behavior throughout the session. These protocols were defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force and are intended to provide an Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) framework for applications such as network access or IP mobility in both local and roaming situations.

AAA has three main components:

Authentication: The authentication component of AAA is responsible for providing a method to identify (authenticate) users. This can include login access, as well as other types of access, such as PPP network access. With AAA authentication, you define one or more authentication methods that the router should use when a…

Kloudyy – A Customised WiFi Hotspot Solution

In today's world each and every person wants to  stay connected. Average human being spend 2 to 9 hours online.  At outdoor, cafe, hospitals and mamy more places  we primarily depend on mobile phone 3G/4G connection which is  quite unreliable at times. Taking care of customers “Always connected” needs, business throughout the world, be it a Cafe, Restaurant, Night Clubs, Hotels or Hospitals have started providing free WiFi to their customers.

Guest WiFi hotspot is not just a business but could also be very useful tool to attract more customer footfall, increase business and capture valuable customer data. Today there is no “out-of-the-box” and “do-it-yourself” easy to use WiFi hotspot Customised software available in the market and that’s where Kloudyy comes into the picture.

Kloudyy Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution is user friendly, secure and fully managed Guest WiFi hotspot software which can be configured within minutes with zero technical knowledge. Kloudyy is useful for making a Gues…

Free WiFi In Events

With a very unpredictable crowd and traffic load, it’s quite hard to deploy a reliable Wi-Fi network at events and this is the main reason why most of the Wi-Fi hotspots at event fails to deliver on the customer expectations.

WiFi In Events
An event could be a closed room event or an open area event both pose their own set of challenges for Wi-Fi deployment. While hardware deployment becomes limited due to various factors like WiFi interference in a indoor event,  at outoor event heavy load on some access points and less load on others is a typical problem. All these problems requires a careful inspection and load balancing assumptions before planning a RF network.

At Kloudyy we have a team of WI-FI specialist Experts who had executed many successful events both indoor and outdoor. Kloudyy will make sure that the network is always operational, able to take load without any hiccups while maintaining the speed and customer experience. Our innovative technology make sure that access poi…

How To Get Wi-Fi Facilities In Hospitals

A recent survey in hospital industry shows that 70% Patients and doctor  hotels with free Wi-Fi over anything else. This data proves how important is to invest into an awesome Wi-Fi experience for guests.

Wi-Fi deployment for a reliable connectivity in every corner of property could be challenging at times. Following is a set of Rules for Successful Wi-Fi –

• Fast and reliable back-end Internet Connection. Choose your speed and bandwidth based on number of expected guests during peak load.

• RF plan and access point deployment for connectivity throughout property. A properly done deployment prevent connection drop and speed variations.

• Multiple internet lease lines for backup and load balancing which is essential. Degraded internet speed is far better than no internet.

• Integration with PMS for easy access. Guest do not need to provide their email id’s or phone numbers. Everything will be pulled up from existing information provided at the time of check in from PMS

• Proper manage…